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The Government & Public Entities Section, formerly the Public Services Employees Section (PSES) was one of the first sections set up when the General Workers' Union was established in October 1943.

It represents employees in various sectors of the Maltese public service namely: health employees in different grades, social welfare, including care for the elderly, public health employees, water services, customs, postal services, instructors, general service grades including administrators in the civil service, afforestation and agricultural staff within the service, public works employees and the technical and industrial side of the public services amongst others.

Though separate collective agreements are entered into for employees in water services, Planning Authority and the Postal services, the first collective agreement for Public Service employees was negotiated with government and duly signed on 14th December 1998 but retroactive to 1996. Prior to this collective agreement a massive regrading exercise has been carried out between 1991 and 1995. The ultimate aim of the latter was to enhance the different career streams and establishing new salary structures for public service employees.

Contrary to other sectors, conditions of employment in the Public Service are not catered for in the Conditions of Employment Regulations Act (CERA) but are set in the Constitution and the establishment code better known as Estacode.

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